Tuesday, July 21, 2009


See that blonde-headed woman to my left? She made me laugh for a solid year when we were seventeen years old at The Williston-Northampton School. Laugh so hard that I couldn't get any homework done. Laugh so hard that I would fall down in public places. All I remember about eleventh grade is how ridiculous it was and how my stomach muscles ached all the time. It was she who taught me the trick of wedging a paper cup full of shaving cream under a closed door, then stomping on it to hose down the room's occupants. Also! The unlovely hilarity of a tightly Saran-Wrapped dorm toilet. We stayed up late, swore like sailors, drank like fish, and just generally egged each other on all through Williston. It was a blast, and I am eternally grateful to her.

As you can see, we've birthed a new generation of clowns. May they be so lucky to find equally excellent friends and comrades in mischief! May they, too, laugh so hard they remember nothing from high school but how unremittingly funny it was. May they all find friends who do not allow them to take themselves too seriously.

And may they always, ALWAYS be wary of dorm toilets.

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Shannon said...

The affection is mutual. :)

I haven't laughed as hard or as often as I did that year. The image of Critter swinging the odd flamingo my aunt sent me came rushing back as I read the post.